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Message to the Family

This reunion was indeed remarkable!!! WE were all MVP’s in pulling this weekend off in a special way! I appreciate your tireless dedication in working to make the event an exceptional example of what teamwork, planning and love of family can accomplish. Together, we from the Blocker Family, can accomplish greatness beyond our individual efforts.

Let's continue to pray for those family members who are traveling back home. And remember to always keep the family in your prayers. Let’s thank God for all participants in this reunion deeming family as important. Without them this reunion could not have been as special.

Finally, thanks, and much love to an outstanding team and family! Our ancestors are worthy of our keeping family a priority in our lives just as they always did! They live on through our collective love and respect for one another!

Look out for debriefing scheduling and the discussion on scheduling a future reunion!


The Reunion

"We, the Blocker family, value family, faith, and community. We strive to create a loving and supportive environment where each member feels valued and respected. We prioritize spending quality time together, nurturing our relationships with extended family and friends, and growing our faith. We are committed to making a positive impact in our community and the world around us through acts of kindness, generosity, and service. Together, we will face life's challenges with courage, faith, and a spirit of unity." 



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